Services we Offer to Connect you to Latin American Opportunities...

Find and Identify Companies and Government Agencies for your Product or Service

  • Find interested companies for your business
  • Use our in-country connections to set appointments with Latin government officials when needed
  • Partner with US Commercial offices to assist in governmental issues for your product or service

Follow up

  • Arrange follow up in-country meetings for both parties
  • With knowledge gained from the first visit find more possible partners
  • Follow Up with client to ascertain that all is being done on their end
  • Act as the go-between as needed by client

Provide Distributor Searches for Key Industries

  • Research best distributor choices for specific industries
  • Coordinate interviews (both phone and in person)
  • Procure legal assistance as needed

Facilitate and Organize Trade Missions

  • Research state and country industries to identify commonalities
  • Arrange appropriate business to business appointments
  • Coordinate travel and transportation